IDC – 08.-09. Sept.2018 – Slovakia


First of all I want to congratulate ALL the owners who went to IDC!!

Thank you from all my heart for the effort you did! I am extremely sorry I could not come and meet you but next year we must meet!
No matter the results, I am proud of all my babies and thankful for the love and care they receive! If you have pictures from IDC I would be very glad if you can send these days. I want to do an album with all. Again, many congratulations to all and many hugs from me!

Get to the Point HENNESSY –  IDC SIEGERIN 

Get to the Point Pandora- very promising in baby class 
Congratulations, Penny Flower! 

Get to the Point Navarro -5th place from 15 competitors in youth class! 
Congratulations, Tatyana Lesenko!! 

Get to the Point Ladette – excellent in intermedia class 
Congratulations, Elwira Swadzba !!  

Get to the Point Endless Empire – excellent in champion class 
Congratulations, Michael Siefert!!



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