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Our beautiful adventure with this great, unique breed started back in 1997  when my husband and I decided to buy a female dobermann which had no pedigree. Her name was Sasha and she gave us everything that a dobermann can give to its owners: unconditioned love and affection, loyalty, joy and an infinity of happy moments. She had a true dobermann character: courageous, willing to work, noble. She was not bred and she lived for 10 years, when she died in a tragic car accident. After her death we were devastated! Sasha had been a constant presence in our lives as we used to take her wherever we went. She had left a painful gap in our souls, but we decided to move on. In May, 2007, we bought another female dobermann with pedigree, Anubis, whom we named Tasha, in memory of the one we had lost so tragically.

Anubis was born in Ardeal, Romania, out of a mating between Livonijas Baron Ink Indigo and Leona Lea el Valaho. She is a very powerful bitch, with a stable, loyal and friendly character and a lot of drives. We decided to show her in competitions and she has proven to be a very good quality female, winning several titles in CAC and CACIB shows. She is a healthy dog, with an elegant and powerful body structure and an excellent head.

At 1 year and a half, Anubis passed the obedience exam called BH with 57 points out of 60 possible, which was the best BH of the day! She was also officially tested for hip dysplasia and the result was HD B. In June 2009 Anubis was mated with an excellent male, Focus Icarus (RJCH, R.CH, R.CHCL, 4 RPJ, 9 CACIB, 14 CAC, IPO III, SchH 1, BH, HD A) and she gave birth to two beautiful females, one brown, one black, Aida and Amunet. At the same time, we got our kennel name, GET TO THE POINT. It was the start in a new, difficult but amazing adventure as very young dobermann breeders and we hope we will be able to help on the improvement of this exceptional breed: THE DOBERMANN!