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In Memoriam

Message from heaven  


Last night I was standing by your bed to take a look at you, and I could see that you were crying and could not sleep. 
While you were wiping away a tear, I whined softly to tell you “It’s me, I did not leave you. I’m well, I’m fine, and I’m here.

” This morning at breakfast, I was very close to you and I saw you pour the tea, while you thought about it, how many times your hands have come down to me.
I was shopping with you today, Your arms hurt you. I longed for it, Help you and wish I could have done more.
Today I was with you at my grave, which you nurture with so much love. 

But believe me, I’m not there. I went home with you, You searched for the key.
I touched you with my paw and said smiling: “It’s me.” You looked so tired, when you let yourself sink into the chair.
I tried with all my might, Make you feel that I am with you. I can be so close to you every day, to tell you with certainty: “I never left.”
You were sitting quietly in your armchair, then you smiled, and I think you knew – in the silence of the evening, that I was very close to you.

The day is over, I smile and see you yawn, and I say to you: “Good night, God bless you, I’ll see you tomorrow morning. ”
And if the time has come for you, to cross the bridge that separates us both, I will rush to you, so that we can finally be together again, side by side.
There is so much that I have to show you and there is so much to see for you. Be patient and continue your life journey and then come, come home to me.


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