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H Litter

We have puppies!

On 13th of January, 2015, our Callypso gave birth to 11 beautiful puppies: 4 black males, 3 black females, 3 brown males and 1 brown female.

You can see the album of the puppies on facebook.

Both parents have ZTP, HD A and vWD clear!
Both parents are tested for cardio recently!
The litter is vWD clear by parentage!
All males are docked and they can be cropped at request.
For now, the females are natural, but can be docked/cropped at request.
More information about the litter on the For Sale page.

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  • Efosa 11/01/2015, 5:30

    This is a very beautiful combination, considering the show and health results of both parents. Another great litter from GTP…

  • Mihai 04/03/2015, 21:45


    I am interested in purchasing one black male puppy. Could you please let me know the starting price?

    Thank you,

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