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IDC 2014

We are happy to present our results at IDC 2014!
judges: Hans Wiblishauser (D), Pierluigi Pezzano (I), Helmut Redtenbacher (D), Tamas Dohocki (HU), Norbert Daube (D), Gabriela Ridarcikova (SK)

Get to the Point Faris Fendetta (baby class) – IDC BABY SIEGER!!!
Get to the Point Dolce (junior class) – Very Good (selected among the last 12 females out of 40)
Get to the Point Devil Inside (junior class) – Very Good
Get to the Point Fenizia Fastrada (baby class) – Very Promising
Destiny’s Phoenix Jara (baby class) – Very Promising

Get to the Point Devil Inside and Get to the Point Dolce were BEST PAIR on this IDC!!!

Congratulations to their owners: Sandrine, Cristi, Kaja, Niklas!

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