Get to the Point Origami

  Born 04.03.2018
  Mother Get to Point Dolce
  Father Ettore del Tibur
  Healt results
vWD clear (Laboklin)
HD B (DV result)

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02.09.2018            National Dog Show Iasi                  very promising, Best Baby and BEST BABY IN SHOW!!!

01.09.2018             National Dog Show Iasi                  very promising, Best Baby, Rez. BEST BABY IN SHOW!

28.09.2019            National Dogs Show Iasi                 exc. CAC in intermediate Class, Judge Lokodi Csaba-Zsolt

29.09.2019            CACIB Iasi                                          ecx. CAC and Rez.Cacib, Judge Calin Margineanu