In Memoriam


October 1997 – March 2007
Cause of death: car accident
Sasha was our first dobermann female who made us become addicted to this wonderful breed. She was a very intelligent dog, a member of our family with full rights. She lived 10 years with us and made our lives much brighter. Good bye our Love!


8th of March 2007 – 20th of October 2012
Cause of death: Euthanasia due to a severe osteomyelitis.
Final diagnosis:

Anubis was our first breeding female, a fantastic reproducer with a great character who gave birth to “A” and “B” litter in our kennel. She was a very strong, well built bitch, very equilibrate and affectionate with a great ability for work. She left us too early, at almost 6 years. She will always be our pride and love and we are happy to have her beautiful children and grandchildren near us. Goodbye, great girl!

Bright Knight

2nd of June 2010 – 6th of August 2014
Cause of death: stomach torsion
Bruno was a wonderful, sweet, gentle male who was the pride and joy of our kennel.
He lived in a perfect family and he had a great career.
His death came too soon, too unfair and left us and his owners with empty souls.
We will never forget you, big boy!


2nd of June 2010 – 17th of October 2014
Cause of death: pregnancy complications
Berta was such a funny, sweet girl that came back in our kennel when she was 7 months old. She immediately got a place in our hearths and in our home. Her character was amazing, her work abilities can be seen in all her puppies. But, again, we were struck by tragedy and we lost her much too early during a complicated pregnancy. She left behind our broken hearts and also two amazing litters which prove to be of top quality. She is now playing happily with her mother and brother and we hope we will see her again sometime.

Rest in peace, our sweetie!